How To Do Theatre is an online magazine that has a lot to say when it comes to the world of theatre.

Based in Liverpool, we comment on what is happening locally as well as discussing national issues when it comes to the arts. Our primary goal is to arm the next generation of theatre-makers with the knowledge that they will need to succeed in a heavily competitive market that is becoming increasingly difficult to break into. We want to help our readers stand apart from the crowd by providing them with useful, actionable information that provides an answer to the elusive question of ‘How To Do Theatre?’

In our How To section, we provide useful guides and advice for creating theatre, spanning throughout the various theatrical disciples – from acting to producing, directing to writing, and so much more.

In our Features section, we take a look at the various theatrical events happening around us. We feature articles, upcoming shows, event reviews, interviews from theatre-makers across all professions and opinion pieces.

Here at How To Do Theatre, we are dedicated to giving anyone and everyone the tools that they need to be able to forge a career within the theatre – whatever their discipline may be. Theatre is by the people, for the people and it should be accessible to the people, we hope to drive that goal forward.

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