Naughty Corner Church Blitz

Naughty Corner Productions’ latest show is a surreal dark comedy about big issues. Would you lie about who you were if it was the only way to protect yourself? Can you trust strangers in a crisis? Who the hell stole the jammie dodgers?

Simon Pegg meets Jill Mansell meets Quentin Tarantino, Naughty Corner’s new show pushes right to the edge of reality into a world of secrets, lies, fear, panic, violence and an apocalyptic light show.

Seven strangers terrified by bizarre lights flashing in the night sky take shelter in a nearby church. Ex military man ‘Sarge’ (Niall Hogan), philosophical poet Clarence (Adam Nicholls), innocent religious Ray (Warren Kettle), quiet Ida (Megan Bond), suspicious Jude (Nick Sheedy), the priest (Callum Forbes) and a nun named Blue (Samantha Walton) – they all don’t trust each other but they’re all sure that what’s outside is far worse than anything that’s inside. Are they right? Surely at least the nun and the priest are to be trusted right?

Making use of a simple set which is changed to show different parts of the church in clever and entertaining ways, random song and dance, and the cinematic use of lights and slow motion which Naughty Corner do so well, the result is a bizarre and mind boggling show that will leave you questioning how far you would go to protect yourself in an emergency. Would you put your trust in people you have never met before? Would you put people you have never met before in danger to keep yourself safe?

Church Blitz is written and directed by Naughty Corner co-founder Mike Dickinson. Playing with the rules of theatre this experimental piece of drama sees actors speaking directly to the audience and making fun of the sensitivity of writers through the standout performance of Nicholls as Clarence. Dickinson has created the modern world in miniature. “Everybody swears, everybody lies and everybody dies.” This sad simple sentence forms the basis of the rocky road the characters hurtle down during one night among strangers.

As the web of deception becomes more tangled and everyone starts to suspect everybody else flashbacks clear up some of the details of the story leading to an explosive climax that will leave you amazed, disorientated, and laughing out loud.

Whatever’s outside the church wants to get in but is it more dangerous than what’s inside anyway?

Church Blitz was showing at the Unity Theatre for one night only before being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. However, other Naughty Corner Productions’ Not the Horse and The British Idles will be shown at the Unity Theatre on 22 July. Be sure not to miss them. Click here to buy tickets.

Donna Day

D M Day is a writer and actor who lives in Liverpool, England. She writes flash, science and fantasy fiction, and poetry. She is currently working on a war poetry collection and a parallel universe trilogy. She runs acting and writing workshops and performed in the first Liverpool Fringe Festival in June 2017.