Thrones! The Musical

Whether we like it or not, the magic picture box in the corner has bled seamlessly into our real lives. TV is the driving force behind reality because binge watching our fantasies for hours at a time fills a void we didn’t realise was there. Thrones! The Musical deftly and hilariously knifes us in our pregnant tums, puts us out of our misery and accepts us for who we really are.

With a spoiler warning from the outset – probably like this review should have had – Thrones! The Musical explores the relationship between reality and our television consumption habits, with a genuinely side-splitting commentary on the pitfalls of one of the most popular TV shows on air today.

It has the feel of student theatre: cheap props, innovate special effects, saucy one liners, and nob jokes – but it’s building to something. It has the face of parody, but sitting underneath it all is a very significant chain of thought, executed by a perfectly balanced and well-timed script.

The show is a musical overview of all six seasons so far, with the premise that a group of friends must intensely catch-up somebody who hasn’t seen a single episode. It’s just a really well-designed inside joke – and that may sound like a criticism, but it isn’t.

This play is one for the fans… that being said, if you hate the TV show, you’ll more than likely enjoy it too. It’s a farce with some amazingly performed tunes, a warm and likeable cast that slip in and out of the TV show’s array of characters, some wonderful dance numbers, and the odd incestual sex scene atop the bodies of dead children. It wouldn’t be Game Of Thrones without that though, would it?

The show thoughtfully considers our obsession with fiction and the purpose it serves, and in that regard is very self-reflective, but it creeps up on you. There is an instant flip about two thirds through the performance. We see a truly heartbreaking musical performance that sends the audience into a spiral of self-awareness unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It pushes you to draw a line between reality, the play, and the TV show that we’re all madly into.

Thrones! The Musical packed a much bigger punch than I was expecting. At several points hands were drawn to wipe away extremely salty tears that I couldn’t tell were from pure joy or abject heartbreak, and I’ll admit, I was one of those face leakers.

Not only will it ruin Game Of Thrones for you, but it’ll take a good pop at Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Lost, The Wire and, anything else you might hold dear. But you’ll forgive it, because it’s pretty good.

Also, everyone dies at the end. Or do they? *Spoiler alert*

Thrones! The Musical runs until August 28th at Assembly George Square Studios. You can book your tickets here.

Liam Powell

Liam is a filmmaker from Liverpool making short form and commercial content around the UK. He’s interested in music, comedy and, film. He considers himself an all-rounder, but very rarely upholds that claim in the real life.